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Niemand Gin

The capital of Lower Saxony Hannover has never been a Gin place. This is changing. The ambiance and the producers are following the European Gin trend. After Hannover Dry, now it’s time for the Niemand Dry Gin.
Niemand’s slogan "no one is like you" and its soft pink bottle makes it different than most of other London Dry Gins. This is not necessarily an ordinary juniper distillate. There was quite a experimentation here. Niemand Gin has a playful touch and a flowery, fresh character, resulting from the botanicals used. Sandalwood, lavender and rosemary play an influential role. They ensure a velvety warm taste with a floral note. But seven other botanicals - giving a total of ten - are used in this Gin that comes from the Destillerei in Hannover: juniper, pine nuts and ginger are also in it, as well as cinnamon, apple, coriander and vanilla.
Behind Niemand Gin are two creative entrepreneurs Sebastian Otto and Torben Paradiek who had already brought the "Gin Flight" Spices to the market last year. A few months ago they naturally decided to follow up with their own Gin.
For the perfect serve, the two Niemand producers recommend a Gin & Tonic with a lot of ice, a slice of apple and a fresh sprig of rosemary.