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Originall - new Portuguese Gin

A new Portuguese Gin just hit the market. Originall – Origin and All – comes from the center of Portugal and it’s sold in two different versions: Lux and Epic. 
Alcemino Santos – the producer – had the idea of creating a Gin in which he would show his life roots – thus the name – but Lux and Epic are very different. Design is the first and most evident contrast between them: Lux comes in a dark glass and Epic in a transparent one. 
We tested – and tasted - both types of this new Portuguese Gin and we can say the list of Originall’s two version differences is much bigger. On one side, Lux is a complex Gin – using 9 botanicals in its distillation – and gives a special focus to red berries and spices. We felt the rich spicy aroma immediately – with cinnamon at the center as well as cardamom - when we had it in our hands and mouth but haven’t noticed neither berries flavor nor scent. On the other side, Epic is a more traditional London Dry that has juniper, citrus, coriander seeds, cardamom and star anise in its distillation. When we first touched an Epic glass with our nose, we felt the juniper, citrus and cardamom aroma coming and going in no specific order. Cardamom is what lasts in the end on the nose, although it's the first flavour we get when we first sip it. Same happened with star anise: difficult to notice its scent but gives a spicy taste to Epic Gin.