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Distillery Botanica

We fall in love with certain products from the start. When we searched for Distillery Botanica we immediately realized that it was a Gin we would love.
The expectations were high but were overcomed when we got a small sample and a perfume with its essence. Passion, know-how and good taste. A trilogy also present in the main flavors of this Australian Gin: jasmine, orange blossom and honeysuckle. 
Botanica takes floral to the limit. The Jasmine astringency, balanced by the honeysuckle sweetness and a small orange blossom citrus touch are the keynotes of this Gin. All using a single botanical - Murraya - whose scent is cold extracted making use of an ancient technique. But there is of course room for the juniper. It appears smooth but firmly, right in the nose.
On the palate, the copper touches from a traditional distillation takes the lead. The Juniper will appear between the ubiquitous floral touch and the warmer citrus such as tangerine. In an orderly and coordinated manner, botanicals appear and disappear in a symphony of aromas ending on a sweet orange blossom aftertaste. We did not notice the presence of peppers but the time that the Botanica aroma lingers in the mouth does guess its use.
Was created by Philip Moore, a lover of botany who decided, after more than 20 years of career, to swap the garden by a distillery. Change may not be the correct term since Philip still runs a farm next to the distillery. There he has a beautiful garden where he hand harvests botanicals, moments before starting a new distillation. Botanica is the result of six individual distillations that maintains the identity of each botanical combined later.