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Monkey Distiller’s Cut 2017

The new edition of Monkey Distiller’s Cut has already arrived at our tasting table. Its official launch was yesterday and bottles should be arriving on supermarket shelves soon.
The Monkey 47 team dedicates a significant part of their time each year to pure curiosity and experimenting. It’s Distiller’s Cut time, and the search for unique and unrepeatable aromas. More than the quantity it’s the quality that counts and the availability of a unique product that can make the hearts of bar tenders and gin enthusiasts alike beat faster.
In all versions of Distiller’s Cut, the maceration of the usual 47 botanicals of Monkey is strengthened by the inclusion of a Rare Species, a 48th botanical. Distillation follows and then, three months to rest in majestic clay containers of 1000 litres each, lined up in the entrance of the distillery. 
The Rare Species for 2017 is Achilea Moschata (iva), a small plant from the Alps, with white flowers and green leaves. In the maceration, only the flowers are used.
Even though the aroma of this Rare Species is unfamiliar to us, the floral note is immediately in evidence when we open the bottle. There is more perfume and less freshness in a bouquet which is more elegant and sweeter than the normal aroma of Monkey 47 which is, almost to the contrary, fresh and exuberant.
In the mouth, this edition of Distiller’s Cut fills the palate. The floral notes are the main players, backed up by a sweet touch reminiscent of honey and the warmth of the spices. The citrus touch is clearly relegated to the background, appearing occasionally, and well before the long finale where the juniper appears in all its splendour.
Recall that Monkey Distiller's Cut is an edition of only 4000 bottles.

Monkey 47 | Fever Tree Indian | Lime, Pink pepper

1. In a glass aside, add 5 cl Monkey 47
2. On the infuser, put a few pink pepper grains (15/20) and then infuse in Gin for about 1 minute
3. Add mineral water ice and freeze the service glass. Drain the water that has accumulated in the cup
4. Aromatize with lime zest
5. Add Gin previously infusioned
6. Add 20cl of Fever Tree Indian

Pink pepper placed in the infuser can aromatize many Gins.

Monkey 47 | 1724 | Saffron, Grapefruit

1. In a glass aside, add 5cl Monkey 47 and 2 Saffron filaments after stirring for 15 seconds
2. Add mineral water ice and freeze the service glass. Drain the water that has accumulated in the cup
3. Aromatize with grapefruit zest
4. Add the Gin previously infusioned
5. Add 20cl 1724

Gin Lovers Party - Gins of Europe

And what is your favorite Gin after all? French, German, Spanish, Breton? This month Gin Lovers Party gives you the possibility to choose or discover the source of your favorite Gin. Four European countries gather together in Embaixada for the first time and resolve once and for all their ancestral quarrels. G'Vine and Citadelle from France. Monkey 47 and Gin Sul (which has a Portuguese blood) from Germany. Gin Mare and Nordés from Spain. Hendrick's and Tanqueray Ten from the UK. There are eight heavyweights, which one will be your choice? On the Good Friday night, all roads lead to Principe Real's new Europe. No mandatory consumption without guest-list, with license to dance, have fun and taste (of course). Mark your presence at the event What is a Gin Lovers Party? On the last Friday of each month since the Summer of 2014, Gin Lovers has dedicated one of its nights to one Gin brand. Beefeater, Bulldog, Blackwoods Gin Mare, G'Vine, Hendrick's, Tanqueray, No.3 London Dry, Seagram's, Wild Snow Dog and many other brands have been with us. And so it has been all last Fridays of the month. In 2016 we changed the format, but the goal remains the same. Absolute freedom, sharing flavors, meeting friends and endless Gin discovery. From 11pm to 2am, with free entry without mandatory consumption, without guestlist in the heart of Lisbon.

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Monkey 47 | Germany

Origin Germany
Alcoholic Volume 47º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals 47 botanicals in total. 23 grown in the Black Forest. 25 impart flavor and scent to the Gin. 22 increase the complexity of aromas...and hinder copying.

Brief Description
Looking back at the Monkey 47 long story, we get the idea that its success is just the result of an immense succession of serendipity. This is how the creators - Alexander Stein and Christophe Keller - describe it. Nothing more false. Monkey 47 is the result of hard work, a methodical approach and the assumption that nobody is born taught but everyone can learn. Indeed, none of the two even knew how to distill.
Using an ancient old recipe from a British commander who resided in the Black Forest in the postwar period, Alexander and Christophe analyzed a total of 120 Botanicals and selected 47. They tested, tested and tested again. They noted, adapted, tested, adapted again and noted again. A rigorous experimentation process that led them to create one of the most emblematic Gins we know today.
The complexity is evident at the first contact. There is the Black Forest fresh fruit and spicy touch and the resinous juniper, all competing in an orderly bouquet able to touch everyone. The complexity continues on the palate, never losing the connection to a more traditional gin with the presence of the juniper and fresh citrus.

Others Versions Monkey 47 Distiller's Cut (Annual edition)

Gin and Tonic Ice cream Santini | Gin Lovers

It is officially considered one of the most anticipated synergies of recent times. The mastery of ice cream maker Santini joined the Gin Lovers boldness and irreverence and created a Gin and tonic ice cream. To be honest not one, but 16 ice cream, all made with Premium Gins sold by Gin Lovers. The new Santini ice cream reproduces not only a taste but also the authenticity of a drink - the Gin and Tonic. Calories aside, this is an ice cream that requires real care when tasted. Be careful or it will let you...inebriated. This synergy started a year ago when Gin Lovers invited Santini to develop a Gin and Tonic ice cream for an article that was coming on the Gin Lovers Magazine. Santini accepted immediately and it was a huge success in stores. This led to an alliance between the most prestigious Portuguese ice cream maker and the biggest Gin community to create a series of gin and tonic ice creams. The 16 premium gin brands were chosen. Then Schweppes and its tonic waters embraced the project with equal enthusiasm and availability. Each gin brand represents a different ice cream flavor because of the different botanical combinations. As there is no addition of ice - which provides an extra quantity of water to drink - the ice cream reveals the most authentic flavor as when you sip a Gin and tonic. Santini gives you the chance to experience ice creams from G'Vine, Gin Mare, Seagram's, Blackwood's 60, Tanqueray 10, Tanqueray Rangpur, Bulldog, Opihr, London N.3, Brockman's Monkey 47, Martin Miller's, Hendrick's, Wild Snow Dog, Sylvius and Beefeater 24. “We take advantage from the the fact that we are one of the oldest players on the market. Our know-how comes from the experience and work of three generations. We do not rest with only traditional flavor like strawberry or chocolate”, says Eduardo Santini - director of the prestigious ice cream maker. He believes that “the creation of new flavors and products in the Santini stores is natural”. Each gin and tonic flavor and brand will be revealed each week beginning the 7th of May. Do not forget. If you eat this ice cream do not drive.