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Havn Gin - A Gin, four cities, four flavors

Coming from Antwerp, Belgium, Havn is not just a Gin, it is four: Antwerp, Marseille, Copenhagen and Bangkok.
As each city has its people, habits, different cultures and mentalities, the Havn created four Gins from different parts of the world, each one representing a city with different character, tastes and aromas.
The Antwerp with a leaden bottle, is distilled with cinnamon, rhubarb and star anise. The Belgian city has black pots bubbling Flemish rhubarb, mixed with vanilla and cinnamon aromas.
The Marseille, with a bronze bottle, has coriander, cloves and santolina. The South of France is the ideal place to be in the sun, soaking up the heat and smell the Mediterranean herbs and olives.
The Copenhagen, in silver bottle, is distilled with dill, birch and seaweed. The capital of Denmark is the ideal place to taste the salt of silver smoked fish and salted sea algae, plus the lemon zest and freshness of the sea breeze.
Finally, Bangkok, the golden bottle, has lemongrass, ginger and kaffir lime as its botanicals. In the heart of Asia, we find the flavors and smells of lime leaves and lemongrass, which contrast with the spicy ginger. We still have the freshness of edible flowers and the oriental flavor tingle.
All these Havn cities and their flavors, can be discovered not by plane, but through a Gin & tonic.