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Schweppes – what’s new and what’s not

Schweppes took the opportunity of exhibiting at Lisbon Bar show to show their refreshed mixers range. The premium portfolio is now organized by the botanical or principal flavouring and by the country that inspired it in a total of 6 products, 2 of which are tonic waters.
Their latest model comes from Japan and is called Matcha, the powdered green tea that gives everything its aroma and bright green colour that is so characteristic of the tea. For now, we can tell you just that it is not a tonic water as it has no quinine in the list of ingredients. A complete review of this product will be with you soon.
From Jamaica and Thailand come, respectively, Ginger Ale and Ginger Beer, mixers that had already joined their premium range last year. The novelty is in the neck of the bottles which after being restyled show off the stand out botanical of each mixer. Now appear Ginger Ale and intense ginger that reinforces its fresh, lively character and Ginger Beer and Chilli to wake up the more distracted with a piquant edge.
From Hawaii comes the Hibiscus which was already in the premium portfolio. With a strong pink colour and a floral hint it can be surprisingly versatile as it can be used as a mixer and as a standalone drink.
The first tonic water in this range comes to us from Brazil with the aromatic touch of Pink Pepper. This tonic that we already knew stays in the portfolio of the premium mixes and promises to delight those who want a little extra bite to their tonic.
To the contrary of the Pink Pepper, the Ginger and Cardamom has left the premium range. For the lovers of this tonic that crossed the fresh heat of ginger with the exotic spiciness of cardamom, get to the supermarket fast!
Jacob Schweppe, the “father” of Schweppes, was born in Germany in the middle of the 18th century. It is to him that we owe a debt for one of the biggest inventions of that century, tonic water, which since then has always been connected to India. It is that connection that Schweppes make in the redesign of the bottle of Schweppes Original Premium. While the recipe remains the same, and it is important to point this out, the brand distinguishes the hint of lime that characterizes the Schweppes tonic water. This is a neutral tonic although lightly flavoured, like all existing tonics on the market, and not a deliberately flavoured tonic, such as the case of Schweppes Pink Pepper.

Mui Gin | Schweppes Hibiscus | Lime

1. Add mineral water ice and freeze the glass. Drain the water that has accumulated in the cup
2. Aromatize with lime zest
3. Add 5cl Mui Gin
4. Add 20cl of Schweppes Hibiscus

Tips & Tricks
Schweppes Hibiscus

Origin Spain
Type Flavored

Brief Description
Tonic water has been successful since its beginning, largely due to its prophylactic use against malaria. It became Britain's non-alcoholic favourite drink and Gin's favourite supplement. Quinine's growing demand and scarcity of natural sources , aggravated by the destruction of crops during World War II, led to the research and use of artificial solutions. The premium line was launched in the twenty-first century and returns to the old recipes and natural sources, either of quinine or sweetener.
Schweppes range of premium mixers is identified by the iconic bottle and a color code that distinguishes its different flavors. Schweppes Original, Pink Pepper, Ginger and Cardamom and Orange Blossom and Lavender. Now it's time for the Schweppes Hibiscus. It is also the first tonic water with color - a shade of pink made by a hibiscus flower infusion.
The Schweppes Hibiscus is distinguished from other tonic waters for its pinkish hue from the hibiscus flower. Its aroma is also more floral and fruity than other neutral tonics. On the nose, it is the sweet and floral aroma that stands out. In the mouth, the scent of hibiscus flower is the first to kick evolving into a more citric and dry aftertaste. This makes it the perfect mixer for a fresh and distinctly fruity Gin and Tonic.

Advice for use
The Schweppes Hibiscus floral and fruity notes add new flavors to dry Gins making them more round and smooth.