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Azor - The new Portuguese Gin from the Azores

Azor is the name of the most recent Portuguese Gin.
It comes from goshawk (Açor in Portuguese), the bird that gave the name to the Azores and now to this Gin. Inside an Azor bottle we can find the whole spirit of the Azores archipelago, including its most characteristic fruit - pineapple.
It is clearly a fruity Gin where the pineapple occupies a prominent place. Cardamom is also notorious as well as the Galician lemon that gives some acidity in the middle of the taste. It finishes with the pineapple sweet touch. Juniper appears somewhat embarrassed in this mix. Despite its presence, it can not impose its aroma, serving more as a support to the pineapple. There are 19 botanicals in total used in the distillation of Azor.
The inspiration comes from the Azores but the production is in Portugal's mainland. A new distillation unit was purposely created for this new project under the direction of Marta Pinto - the only Portuguese female distiller and one of the few worldwide. The Azor is produced in the Nazaré area. 
The first serve suggested by the brand says only 2 cardamom pods.
At Gin Lovers, we have already experienced the combination of basil and cardamom, which gives it a little more freshness, and with lemongrass stalk for more citrus freshness. Both worked, keeping the brightness of the pineapple and the identity of an entire archipelago.