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Adamus | Portugal

Origin Portugal
Alcoholic Volume 44,4º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals 18 botanicals in total, among which are cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, hibiscus, orange, lavender, lemon, pennyroyal, sage, Baga grapes and juniper.

Brief Description
Adamus is the jewel in the crown of Destilaria Levira and that’s what the name means: Adamus is diamond in ancient Greek. The distillery has almost a hundred years of history, dedicated mostly to the production of aguardente bagaceira. In the last few years, due to heavy investment in innovation and the development of new products, it created the Adamus range, entirely dedicated to super-premium products. 
The epic poem of Adamus, the Gin, began with a study into the organoleptic properties of an initial selection of 86 botanicals. It was the team’s intention to have a detailed knowledge of the raw materials with which they would make Adamus to best complement the Baga grape, typical of the region and the central botanical in the recipe. After various distillations, separately and individually, indispensable tests, some steps forward, some back, the final formula was decided upon with 18 botanicals. The team spared no efforts For them, satisfactory was not enough, only excellence was their goal. 
Adamus is a decidedly fruity Gin which escapes the more traditional rule of juniper being the central element. On the nose we note the gentle aroma of the grape and the exotic touch of the cardamom. Fruit occupies the central stage on the palate, with the grape being followed lightly by they citrus fruits, but also a more herbal side with the lavender and the sage. 

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Ventozelo | Portugal

Origin Portugal
Alcoholic Volume 45º
Type London Dry Gin
Known Botanicals Lemon, Coriander, Lemon Thyme, Bela-Luz Thyme, Lavender Amaranth, Mint and Juniper, among others.

Brief Description
It is hard to talk about this Gin without first talking about the Quinta which gives it its name. In the heart of the Douro, in the district of São João da Pesqueira, Quinta de Ventozelo extends across the hills for an impressive 600 hectares. It is there that some of Portugal’s best ports and table wines originate. It is also where you can find incredibly rich flora, with a clear Mediterranean influence.
It was this botanic richness which served as inspiration for the creation of this new Portuguese Gin. Lavender, lemon thyme, bela-luz thyme and amaranth are just some of the examples of botanicals that grow in the slatey soils of the Quinta. To these is added a secret blend of aromatic plants, thought up and created by the nursery Cantinho das Aromáticas, a partner in this project. The creation of Ventozelo Premium Dry Gin also counted on the collaboration of Instituto Abel Salazar in what became a clear alliance between experimentation, investigation, tradition and innovation.
Ventozelo marks itself out from the competition by its use of alcohol and aguardente obtained from grape must, and from the wine which give it wine aromas and flavours which are distinctly different from neutral alcohol made from a cereal base. It results in a smoother alcohol than one would expect from one with 45º.
On the nose, two notes immediately make themselves known. The flavour of wine, but also floral notes fill the nose with a gentle, almost sweet bouquet which pushes the juniper back a step. The palate is the confirmation of the aromas we found in the nose. The perfume of lavender, the oily touch of the bela-luz thyme and the freshness of the lemon thyme cross over each other, always supported by a soft alcohol which seems to be rounded by the sweetness of honey. The juniper appears only later to prove the dry nature of this Gin without losing its wine DNA. 

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Family of Hounds | Italy

Origin Italy
Alcoholic Volume 42º
Type London Dry Gin
Known Botanicals Cardamom, Coriander, Ginger, Orange, Lavender, Lemon, Thyme, Grapefruit and Juniper

Brief Description
There are stories that are as simples as they are inspiring. That of Family of Hounds is one of them and it begins with some friends on a weekend away in the British countryside.
Strangely, it was there that they tried their first G&T. It was love at first sight. After that, there were innumerable tastings, seeing the differences between brands, discovering which they liked and disliked the most, culminating in the production of their own gin, when Family of Hounds was born, named in honour of their dogs. 
Family of Hounds is a London Dry and thus has a fairly small range of botanicals - nine - but there is still room for a little eccentricity. To the traditional orange, lemon, grapefruit, coriander seed and, of course, juniper, they added cardamom, ginger, lavender and thyme. 
Family of Hounds is fresher and more aromatic than more traditional London Drys. The juniper is there, but it is the exotic touch of cardamom and the freshness of the citrus fruits which first punctuate the nose. On the palate, Family of Hounds shows itself to be more complex than that. On first impact, we straight away sense the cardamom that is the signature of this gin. After that, the herbal note of the thyme, all the splendour of the citrus fruits and the juniper which act as back up. Surprising is the hotter touch of the ginger which turns the flavour of this gin longer than normal. 

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Silent Pool | England

Origin England
Alcoholic Volume 43º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals 24 in total, but not all revealed. Licorice, Angélica, Anise, Bergamot, Camomile, Cassia, a mixture of Citruses, Lavander, Lily Root, Kaffir Lime leaves, Honey, Dried Pear, Cubeba Pepper, Rose Petals, Elderflower, Tilia and Juniper.

Brief Description
Silent Pool, the natural swimming pool and the distillery are both found in the small village of Albury in Surrey. Ian McCulloch, the founder of the company, found in the natural beauty of Silent Pool the perfect place to set up his distillery and, more importantly, find the inspiration for the spirits he distils there. The Gin Silent Pool can therefore be described with the words which also characterize the water of Silent Pool, the lake – limpid, pure and refreshing. Silent Pool allies the almost orthodox ancestral methods of distillation with new techniques of flavouring the spirit base, paying extreme attention to the smallest details. The production of steam for heating the still by burning wood grown nearby, ending up in a chimney with a whistle is just one of those details.
The botanicals, 24 in total, are incorporated in the spirit base in 3 distinct stages. A first portion is macerated in the alcohol base to confer a long and deep flavour to the Gin. A second portion is macerated in a higher strength neutral alcohol which is then filtered. This way the oils in which the aromatic components are found can be retained. The final portion, in which not all 24 botanicals are present, is added to the still inside an aroma basket. All the botanicals in there are fresh, not dried, and are responsible to for the life and freshness of Silent Pool.
The abundance of botanicals is obvious on first contact. Its aroma meanders between floral and fruity, citric and the gentle touch of honey and the ever present juniper, which give room to each other in a pleasing harmony. Citrus fruits, such as the fresh tasting lime, the common lime and the Kaffir lime, combine with the gentler bergamot. The floral touch of camomile, elderflower and lavender round out the palate and guarantee the extreme smoothness of this Gin. The presence of pear strongly punctuates the Gin along with the spices such as star anise and cassia, and the sweetness of the honey.

Ferdinand's Saar Dry | 1724 | Lavender, Rose petals

1. In a glass aside, add 5 cl Ferdinands Saar Dry
2. On the infuser, place lavender (half the infuser capacity) and make this infusion in Gin for about 1 minute
3. Add mineral water ice and freeze the service glass. Drain the water that has accumulated in the cup
4. Add the Gin previously infusioned
5. Add 20cl 1724
6. Add some petals Rose

Lavender placed on the infuser can aromatize many Gins.

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Bulldog | England

Origin England
Alcoholic Volume 40º
Type London Dry Gin
Known Botanicals Liquorice, almond, angelica root, cassia, coriander seed, lavender, lotus leaf, lemon peel, iris root, dragon eye, white poppy and juniper.

Brief Description
The Bulldog Gin was released in 2007. It was a converted banker to gin producer dream. Thought in the United States and produced in England, the Bulldog proves the international vein of the creator and the Bulldog Gin itself which makes use of 12 botanicals coming from the four corners of the planet.
It has a very rich bouquet where citrus and coriander seeds occupy a prominent place. It is extremely smooth with a dry character, where the juniper stands.
Despite the eccentricity of the Bulldog botanicals, dragon eye, lotus or white poppy leaf, it is extremely mixable in a cocktail and versatile in a gin and tonic, offering almost endless possibilities of creating new aromatizations.

Others Versions Bulldog Extra Bold