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Friday | Portugal

Origin Portugal
Alcoholic Volume 40º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals Cardamom, gaga grape vine leaf, orange blossom, tropical fruit and juniper.

Brief Description
Friday Chic Gin was born in the heart of the Bairrada region - North of Portugal - in a distillery with many years of experience in the production of the best sparkling made in Portugal.
The vine leaf from the Baga grape - variety found in this region - enters the distillation process adding an astringent touch to the Gin. Although unnoticeable is of utmost importance since it is the counterpoint to the sweetest aromas of orange blossom and tropical fruit.
The breathe feeling is extremely pleasant. The alcohol taste is very soft and the fragrant notes of ripe fruit and floral touch invite to a deeper inhalation. In the mouth, the softness, sweet and fruity touch of this Gin is confirmed. The juniper is less noticeable than in most Gins which makes Friday extremely soft.