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Tanqueray Dry | England

Origin England
Alcoholic Volume 43.1º (also bottled as 40º and 47.3º)
Type London Dry Gin
Known Botanicals Liquorice, Angelica, Coriander seed and Juniper.

Brief Description
The legend of Tanqueray Dry Gin has its beginnings in 1838. It was in that year, 8 years after the distillery was founded, that Charles Tanqueray created one of the most iconic Gins in the world. At the time, he was 20 years old with little experience in the art of distillation, but that didn’t stop him creating a recipe which is still used for the production of Tanqueray Dry Gin.
Liquorice, Angelica, Coriander seeds and Juniper are all used. Just as with everything, the secret is in the details. In Cameronbridge, Scotland, where the distillery moved after its buildings in Bloomsbury were bombed in the second world war, the botanicals are placed in the still without any previous maceration. The spirit obtained from that is then reduced to 43.1º.
Tanqueray Dry Gin IS Juniper. It is Juniper that takes over the whole of the bouquet of aromas liberated when we open the bottle, but there is a light citrus note which proves once again the masterful use of Coriander seeds in a Gin that uses no actual citrus fruit.
In the mouth, it is also Juniper that appears first, with a quite dry taste which then opens out and gives way to the comforting spiciness and sweetness of the angelica and liquorice.

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Tanqueray Rangpur | England

Origin England
Alcoholic Volume 41.3º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals Angelica, Coriander seed, Ginger, Rangpur Limes, Bay leaf and Juniper.

Brief description
Tanqueray Rangpur is the freshest of all of the Tanqueray range and owes its name to the Rangpur Limes, a curious fruit whose name varies depending on where it is being mentioned and which isn’t actually a lime, but a hybrid of lemon and tangerine, similar to Bergamot.
Tanqueray Rangpur was imagined and created to be served as part of a Gin & Tonic. This was in 2006 when this was the first Tanqueray Gin to relegate Juniper to second place, seeking instead to bring a freshness and acid touch of citrus fruits to the table. However, the two join together in a smooth and harmonious way which further counts on the more exotic and herbal flavour of Ginger and Bay leaf.
Since it was created specifically for Gin & Tonic, the alcohol level of Tanqueray Rangpur is lower than other Tanqueray Gins, being diluted to 41.3 volumes.
On the nose, Tanqueray Rangpur brings the fresh aromas of lemon and lime to the fore. Only after the citrus do we find the Juniper, only slightly evident when compared to the other Tanquerays. In the end, the sweetness and roundness of this gin are in effect. In the mouth, they continue to contain the citrus in a simple and direct palate.

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Tanqueray Old Tom | England

Origin England
Alcoholic Volume 47.3º
Type Old Tom Gin
Known Botanicals Liquorice, Angelica root, Coriander seed, Juniper.

Brief Description
Old Tom Gin dates back to the 17th century, and is the stepping stone between Jenever, from the low countires, and London Dry Gin, the gin class which popularized Gin. Normally deemed a low quality product, fruit of badly controlled distillation processes, it had the peculiarity of needing sugar added to make it palatable.
With the final Gin Act and the popularity of London Dry Gin, Old Gin was close to extinction. Meanwhile, there are still many “bibles” of cocktail in which Old Tom is much referred to, due to its sugar content which facilitates the spirit’s job. Tanqueray Old Tom is, though, the opposite of the classic low quality Old Tom. A fantastic Gin, inspired by the old recipes of Charles Tanqueray but using the best and most modern distillation techniques in still nº.4, from which it inherited its name. The botanicals are also the English company’s traditional ingredients, but the addition of beet sugar and the blend with neutral alcohol make it almost impossible to compare the different Gins. Tanqueray Old Tom was produced in a limited edition of 100 thousand bottles for the whole world, and is the brand’s smoothest Gin, where the notes of Juniper are smoothed by the liquorice and the natural sweeter used.

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Tanqueray Ten | England

Origin England
Alcoholic Volume 47,3º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals Licorice, angelica root, chamomile, coriander seed, whole lime and white grapefruit and juniper, among others.

Brief Description
Tanqueray Ten was only born at the beginning of this millennium. In 2000, Tanqueray Gordon & Co launched the Gin that soon became their image. The name comes from Tiny Tim - the alembic No. 10 where the heart of this citric Gin is distilled. Limes and white grapefruit - whole fruit and not just peel - are distilled in small stills. The obtained spirit is then transferred to a larger still where they are mixed with the other botanicals. Tanqueray Ten has a higher alcoholic volume and more juniper than its older brother. Nevertheless, it is an extremely mild Gin due to the fresh scent of citrus that comes on the first feel, nose or mouth. The 47.3 alcohol volume gives it a depth of flavor where there is space for the juniper and chamomile floral touch before returning again to the citrus which gives it a fresh characteristic in the end. The alcoholic volume and its depth of flavor makes it a mandatory addition to cocktails, particularly with Martinis.

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