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Tips & Tricks
Tanqueray Ten | England

Origin England
Alcoholic Volume 47,3º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals Licorice, angelica root, chamomile, coriander seed, whole lime and white grapefruit and juniper, among others.

Brief Description
Tanqueray Ten was only born at the beginning of this millennium. In 2000, Tanqueray Gordon & Co launched the Gin that soon became their image. The name comes from Tiny Tim - the alembic No. 10 where the heart of this citric Gin is distilled. Limes and white grapefruit - whole fruit and not just peel - are distilled in small stills. The obtained spirit is then transferred to a larger still where they are mixed with the other botanicals. Tanqueray Ten has a higher alcoholic volume and more juniper than its older brother. Nevertheless, it is an extremely mild Gin due to the fresh scent of citrus that comes on the first feel, nose or mouth. The 47.3 alcohol volume gives it a depth of flavor where there is space for the juniper and chamomile floral touch before returning again to the citrus which gives it a fresh characteristic in the end. The alcoholic volume and its depth of flavor makes it a mandatory addition to cocktails, particularly with Martinis.

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Tips & Tricks
Hendrick's | Scotland

Origin Scotland
Alcoholic Volume 44º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals Caraway, angelica root, chamomile, coriander seed, orange and lemon peels, iris root, cucumber, Cubeba pepper, rose petals, elderberry and juniper flower.

Brief Description
Hendrick's revolutionized the Gin world when it introduced the fresh cucumber aromas and the soft scent of rose petals instead of the more traditional citric versions. Hendrick's was born at the turn of the millennium and soon it distanced from the status quo. Banished the citrus into the background and gave priority to the freshness of the cucumber and the rose petals elegance. Hendrick's also innovated in the production process which uses two different stills. The Bennet where botanicals are placed directly in infusion and the Carter-Head where botanicals are arranged in layers and their scents dragged by steam. Hendrick's comes from the combination of the strength of the first with the elegance of the second and last infusion and from the cucumber from Belgium and Holland and roses from Bulgaria. Hendrick's has a fresh and floral aromas but leaving space for the juniper.

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