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Boodles | England

Origin England
Alcoholic Volume 40º
Type London Dry Gin
Known Botanicals Carraway, Rosemary, Angelica (root and seeds), Cassia, Coriander seeds, Nutmeg, Sage and Juniper.

Brief Description
It was 1762 when Edward Boodle founded Boodle’s Gentlemen’s Club in St James Street, London. Almost a century later, in 1845, the recipe for Boodles Gin was born, a recipe still used today, the favourite Gin of Winston Churchill. Pure English wheat used for the production of the neutral alcohol and no citrus in the palette of botanicals are the stand out features of this classic.
Boodles was imagined as a blank canvas upon which each artist could express their own essence, with an alcohol base which permits anyone to put their taste, without any conditions by the creator’s vision. It’s because of this, and because they always imagine Gin served with lime or lemon, that the creators of Boodles opted to not put any citrus in the Gin itself. Boodles is a London Dry Gin with gentle herb and spice notes. Looking at the list of botanicals they use, there is an impressive number of warm flavoured spices, such as the carraway and the nutmeg. Also the herbs used, rosemary and sage, contribute to a greater warmth and roundness of this Gin.
On the nose, the caraway is noticeable first. It is gentler than the coriander seeds, and the aniseed brings warmth to the bouquet. Then the nutmeg and cassia appear, mixed together with the coherent touch of the herbs. In the mouth, confirmation that everything in the aroma is true, and where the smoothness of the alcohol is even more evident.

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Hendrick's | Scotland

Origin Scotland
Alcoholic Volume 44º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals Caraway, angelica root, chamomile, coriander seed, orange and lemon peels, iris root, cucumber, Cubeba pepper, rose petals, elderberry and juniper flower.

Brief Description
Hendrick's revolutionized the Gin world when it introduced the fresh cucumber aromas and the soft scent of rose petals instead of the more traditional citric versions. Hendrick's was born at the turn of the millennium and soon it distanced from the status quo. Banished the citrus into the background and gave priority to the freshness of the cucumber and the rose petals elegance. Hendrick's also innovated in the production process which uses two different stills. The Bennet where botanicals are placed directly in infusion and the Carter-Head where botanicals are arranged in layers and their scents dragged by steam. Hendrick's comes from the combination of the strength of the first with the elegance of the second and last infusion and from the cucumber from Belgium and Holland and roses from Bulgaria. Hendrick's has a fresh and floral aromas but leaving space for the juniper.

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