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What happened in Lisbon Bar Show 2016

The third edition of Lisbon Bar Show was held at Tapada da Ajuda on the 17th and 18th of May. All the drink industry gathered for two intense days where cocktails and bartenders were at the center. If we had doubts, not anymore. The cocktail trend is here to stay.

Even though Tequila was Lisbon’s Bar Show main theme, Gin was the most significant presence for another year. 120 Gin bottles from 70 brands were at the event. Impressive.

Like every year, Lisbon Bar Show was also the right place to launch new products. Schweppes unveiled their new Ginger Beer, Castello and Le Tribute their new tonic water and the new Friend’s (new Dry version), Givinity, Le Tribute and N’Ginious Gins. We will test all these brands but we can say the future will lead us to more Gin (good) launches.
The new Ginger Beer from Schweepes - launch date in September - was a good suprise. It’s less intense and created to be drunk on its own. It’s going to be used a lot in cocktails though.
As for the tonic waters, Castello and Le Tribute were on the spotlight. On one side, the one from Castello follows its brand line. On the other, we were really suprised with the Le Tribute bottle design. We will have time to make a deep test to these two mixers. Although these are very different, both have less sweetner added in comparison to the tonic waters on the market these days.
Next year the organization promises to make a bigger event. This means this could be the last time will head to Tapada da Ajuda for the Lisbon Bar Show

Lisbon Bar Show 2017

Yesterday, the fourth Lisbon Bar Show was officially presented in a ceremony that brought together the whole bar and drinks industry in the Corinthia Lisboa Hotel. 
In coming days, we will cover in more detail what you cannot miss in the next Lisbon Bar Show, THE bar event in Portugal. 
For now, we can give you the dates, which, as for the previous Bar Shows, is in May, on the 16th and 17th
The venue is one of the novelties for this year. After 3 editions of the show in Tapada da Ajuda, Lisbon Bar Show is moving to the Convento do Beato. We will miss the beautiful royal greenhouses at Tapada da Ajuda, but the truth is that the space couldn’t house all the exhibitors who wanted a stand at this year’s show. The Convento do Beato is a natural choice with more space and easier access. 
Novelty is not just to be found in the space, however. The theme for the trade fair has also changed. From now on the theme is not drink in general, but a country will be elected to be the annual theme. This year it will be Italy, home of Aperol, Campari and Martini, amongst others. 
See you on the 16th, or 17th, then, and keep your eyes open for news and surprises that Gin Lovers and the Lisbon Bar Show organizers have in store for you.  

Lisbon Bar Show 2016

The show is back! The Lisbon Bar Show 2016 marks the third edition of the event that brings the best bars, experts, bratenders and brands around the world to the Portuguese capital. Two days of presentations and discussions of the latest trends and techniques, as well as the launch of new products, demonstrations, seminars, conduct networking and especially a showcase of suppliers, brands, outlets, bartenders, and experts. Like in previous years, Lisbon will receive guests worldwide known who will share all their experience.
Come from all world to conduct presentations. Among them are some of the best of the world of industry of bar as Salvatore Calabrese, Malika Saidi, Julio Bermejo, Desmond Payne, Dennis Zoppi, Jared Brown, Anistastia Miller, Martina Breznanova, José Luís Leon, Antonio Lai, Ian Burrell, Tomas Estes, Thanos Prunarus, Ljumir Stanisic, Daniele Dalla Pola, Deano Moncrieffe, Marian Beke among others. Destaque ainda para os portugueses: Humberto Saraiva Marques, Jorge Camilo, Armando Rosário, Paulo Figueiredo. 
An event for professionals, but open to individuals interested in the art of serving the perfect cocktail! The Lisbon Bar Show is going to be held on the 17th and 18th of May in Tapada da Ajuda.