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Gin Sul New Edition - Southern Cross

It was on the 10th of June, 2015 that Lisbon received four Moscatel de Setubal oak barrels full of Gin - the brand Gin Sul was born. In the beginning of 2016 the new limited version of Gin Sul is released - Southern Cross - with 2000 manually numbered bottles. With 46% alcohol, the gin is macerated with orange peel. An opportunity for Gin lovers to taste a limited edition of the Gin Sul that soon will arrive to the market. The name Southern Cross comes from the Portuguese discoveries as it was the point of orientation to the Southern hemisphere. The inspiration also comes from the Portuguese idea of making the wine travel to Brazil to deepen its flavor. The artist Tobias Tietchen illustrated this limited edition that promises to follow the success that was its predecessor, the "Ruby South". The image shows a traveller with a beret with rockrose and an astrolabe, surrounded by juniper and muscat grapes. A symbolism that makes no one indifferent.