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Gold Grail | Schweppes Original Tonic | Basil

1. Add mineral water ice and freeze the glass. Drain the water that has accumulated in the cup
2. Aromatize with two basil leaves
3. Add 5cl of Gold Grail
4. Add 20cl of Schweppes Original Tonic

Gold Grail | Fever Tree Indian | Lemon, Pink pepper

1. In a glass aside, add 5cl Gold Grail
2. On the infuser, put a few pink pepper grains (15/20) and then infuse in Gin for about 1 minute
3. Add mineral water ice and freeze the service glass. Drain the water that has accumulated in the cup
4. Aromatize with lemon zest
5. Add the Gin previously infusioned
6. Add 20cl of Fever Tree Indian

Pink pepper placed in the infuser can aromatize many Gins.

Gin Lovers Party - Gin Made in Portugal

The Gin Lovers February party will be called “Made in Portugal”. It will be a celebration of the Portuguese Gin with a selection of the best names including the brand new Friday Chic Gin, Adamus, Bolotta, Gina, Gold Grail, Mui, Nao, Wild Snow Dog and Wild Snow Dog Cherry Edition. A party without mandatory consumption and without guestlist, with license to dance, have fun and taste (of course). On the 26th of February, every sign leads to the Embaixada in Principe Real. What is a Gin Lovers Party? On the last Friday of each month since the Summer of 2014, Gin Lovers has dedicated one of its nights to one Gin brand. Beefeater, Bulldog, Blackwoods Gin Mare, G'Vine, Hendrick's, Tanqueray, No.3 London Dry, Seagram's, Wild Snow Dog and many other brands have been with us. And so it has been all last Fridays of the month. In 2016 we changed the format, but the goal remains the same. Absolute freedom, sharing flavors, meeting friends and endless Gin discovery. From 11pm to 2am, with free entry without mandatory consumption, without guestlist in the heart of Lisbon.

Gold Grail

Gold Grail is a new Portuguese Gin. A Premium Gin that combines the mountain ruggedness and sea freshness and it’s able to conquer the most demanding palates. With a total of 13 botanicals, the highlights are the gorse flower - native from the Arouca region, North West of Portugal - and salicornia from Ria de Aveiro. But there are more like the essential juniper and the almost mandatory coriander seeds as well as goji berries and haba tonka, less common in the gin production. The Gold Grail is produced in a distillation column with 3 reflux stages which allows better control of unwanted alcohols. This distillation method also gives a more pronounced character to the spirit obtained. Therefore, the Gold Grail is a herbal Gin full of aromas.