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Darnley’s Gin – News for 2017

Darnley’s View is one of the most traditional Gin brands. With a profile not very different from any London Dry Gin, using an antique copper still right in the centre of London, Darnley’s gave us their Original version, where its Juniper notes reigned, and their Spiced version, spiked with hot spices like Cinnamon and Nutmeg. 
In 2017, and here’s the first bit of news, the brand is adding a more muscular version of Spiced, ‘Spiced Gin - Navy Strength Edition’, only diluted to 57% vol. plus an extra dose of Juniper. 
To accompany the launch, there is also a new look for the bottles, less traditional, less colourful. The name was also shortened, and ‘Darnley’s View’ has given way to the simpler ‘Darnley’s’, the name everyone used already, anyway. 
There brand has also announced that they will open their distillery to visitors this year, so as soon as we have more news on that, we’ll let you know.