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Ventozelo | Portugal

Origin Portugal
Alcoholic Volume 45º
Type London Dry Gin
Known Botanicals Lemon, Coriander, Lemon Thyme, Bela-Luz Thyme, Lavender Amaranth, Mint and Juniper, among others.

Brief Description
It is hard to talk about this Gin without first talking about the Quinta which gives it its name. In the heart of the Douro, in the district of São João da Pesqueira, Quinta de Ventozelo extends across the hills for an impressive 600 hectares. It is there that some of Portugal’s best ports and table wines originate. It is also where you can find incredibly rich flora, with a clear Mediterranean influence.
It was this botanic richness which served as inspiration for the creation of this new Portuguese Gin. Lavender, lemon thyme, bela-luz thyme and amaranth are just some of the examples of botanicals that grow in the slatey soils of the Quinta. To these is added a secret blend of aromatic plants, thought up and created by the nursery Cantinho das Aromáticas, a partner in this project. The creation of Ventozelo Premium Dry Gin also counted on the collaboration of Instituto Abel Salazar in what became a clear alliance between experimentation, investigation, tradition and innovation.
Ventozelo marks itself out from the competition by its use of alcohol and aguardente obtained from grape must, and from the wine which give it wine aromas and flavours which are distinctly different from neutral alcohol made from a cereal base. It results in a smoother alcohol than one would expect from one with 45º.
On the nose, two notes immediately make themselves known. The flavour of wine, but also floral notes fill the nose with a gentle, almost sweet bouquet which pushes the juniper back a step. The palate is the confirmation of the aromas we found in the nose. The perfume of lavender, the oily touch of the bela-luz thyme and the freshness of the lemon thyme cross over each other, always supported by a soft alcohol which seems to be rounded by the sweetness of honey. The juniper appears only later to prove the dry nature of this Gin without losing its wine DNA. 

Silent Pool | Schweppes Original Tonic | Lemon, Bachelo...

1. Add mineral water ice and freeze the glass. Drain the water that has accumulated in the cup
2. Aromatize with lemon zest and a bachelor button
3. Add 5cl of Silent Pool
4. Add 20cl Schweppes Original Tonic

Gin Sul | Schweppes Ginger Cardamom | Bachelor button,...

1. Add mineral water ice and freeze the glass. Drain the water that has accumulated in the cup
2. Aromatize with bachelor button and 2 cardamom pods
3. Add 5cl Gin Sul
4. Add 20cl of Schweppes Ginger and Cardamom