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Family of Hounds | Italy

Origin Italy
Alcoholic Volume 42º
Type London Dry Gin
Known Botanicals Cardamom, Coriander, Ginger, Orange, Lavender, Lemon, Thyme, Grapefruit and Juniper

Brief Description
There are stories that are as simples as they are inspiring. That of Family of Hounds is one of them and it begins with some friends on a weekend away in the British countryside.
Strangely, it was there that they tried their first G&T. It was love at first sight. After that, there were innumerable tastings, seeing the differences between brands, discovering which they liked and disliked the most, culminating in the production of their own gin, when Family of Hounds was born, named in honour of their dogs. 
Family of Hounds is a London Dry and thus has a fairly small range of botanicals - nine - but there is still room for a little eccentricity. To the traditional orange, lemon, grapefruit, coriander seed and, of course, juniper, they added cardamom, ginger, lavender and thyme. 
Family of Hounds is fresher and more aromatic than more traditional London Drys. The juniper is there, but it is the exotic touch of cardamom and the freshness of the citrus fruits which first punctuate the nose. On the palate, Family of Hounds shows itself to be more complex than that. On first impact, we straight away sense the cardamom that is the signature of this gin. After that, the herbal note of the thyme, all the splendour of the citrus fruits and the juniper which act as back up. Surprising is the hotter touch of the ginger which turns the flavour of this gin longer than normal. 

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Gin Mare | Spain

Origin Spain
Alcoholic Volume 42,7º
Type Distilled Gin
Known Botanicals The 4 main ones: Rosemary, olive, basil and thyme. The remaining: cardamom, coriander Seed, citrus peel (orange and lemon) and juniper.

Brief Description
The sea is the source of inspiration for the Gin Mare as it is highlighted on the top of the bottle with the expression "Mediterranean Gin." The evidence is the liquid inside the blue translucent glass.
The four main botanicals are rosemary, olive, basil and thyme. The warm rosemary aroma, greasiness olives, fresh basil and thyme smoke, all evoke the scents of the Mediterranean.
The botanicals are macerated and distilled separately, with the exception of the citrus - sweet and bitter oranges and lemon. 
The first breath is naturally herbaceous with notes of rosemary and juniper. The freshness of the basil and the olive are also present in a surprising armony. In the mouth, it is the softness of the alcohol that stays, leased by the touch of olive. The rosemary, cardamom and juniper are also notorious giving it a herbal and salty taste.